Corporate Sponsors

In addition to research funding from various government agencies, especially ONR and NSF, and also support from various universities, the following companies have helped us in the ways indicated.

The companies are listed roughly in order of decreasing "closeness" of the research relationship between the company and our group. That correlates only loosely with dollar values for support... dollar values are hard to precisely determine given that much of the support has been in the form of equipment donations and/or loans.

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

AMD has provided us with K6-2 and Athlon PCs and processors, as well as donation of money to cover various expenses


Intel has provided us with Pentium, Pentium II, and Pentium III Xeon systems and Ethernet hardware


IBM has provided us with 486 and RS6000 systems and also loaned us some of the first PowerPC systems (before their first PowerPC product was released)

TI (Texas Instruments)

TI (Texas Instruments) has provided us with a variety of parts, especially programmable logic devices for our custom network

HP (Hewlett-Packard Company)

HP (Hewlett-Packard Company) has loaned us workstations for a cluster and also covered some costs for displaying the cluster at a conference (SC97)


We recently started to work with Aeroflex on the e.Card content-addressable memory (CAM) coprocessor card and a Linux cluster interface for it....

Packet Engines

Before being absorbed by another network company, Packet Engines helped us by first loaning, then donating, early Gigabit Ethernet hardware to us for testing and software development

DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation)

Before they became part of Compaq, DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) has loaned us many Alpha workstations (some before the product was released)


Altera has given us various programmable logic parts and prototyping/evaluation boards, which we have used for our custom aggregate function network hardware

Dyer Photographic, Inc.

Dyer Photographic, Inc., has produced some of our custom network printed circuit boards for us at no cost


Draper has provided us with a custom rear-projection screen

3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing)

3M has loaned us video projectors for a rear-projection video wall that we showed at a conference (SC99)

Hawking Technology

Hawking Technology loaned us some of their amazingly cheap 100Mb/s NICs and a wire-speed switch to test for our first flat neighborhood network design (BTW, they worked under Linux for at least up to 4 NICs/PC)


Ever since Intel started to give us big things, Microsoft has been hanging around offering us wonderful things... however, thus far, all they've actually given us has been a lot of CDs; we look forward to Microsoft (Research) supporting our work more directly

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