HAK Build Party: Thursday, June 17, 2010

Like NAK and many others before it, we attempted to literally build HAK in a day... well, except for wiring the network. Unfortunately, that is not how it went. We only completed about 60% of the build in one day. In fact, the whole thing was not 100% for about a week (with 2-4 people working most days).

Why? We only built about 96 nodes, but we had to strip parts out of over 200 nodes to do it. Thus, it was really the "unbuilding" that took so long. The fact that NAK had gotten the best old parts before we started to build HAK also didn't help....

We did not put out a general call for help this time, but invited students from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Summer REU program. We provided food and refreshments to anyone helping to construct the machine. The people who helped are listed here in alphabetical order:

Jinyan Cao
Elisa Cheng
Hank Dietz
Paul Eberhart
Matt Gibbs
Maria Gonzalez
Brooks Hanley
Regina Hannemann
Krishna Prabhala
Pablo Quevedo
Frank Roberts
Juan Carlos Torres
Rebecca Torres
Christina Yeoman

The Aggregate. The only thing set in stone is our name.