E-Day 2024 in Electrical and Computer Engineering

E-Day, 10AM-2PM February 24, 2024
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Welcome to the Electrical and Computer Engineering E-Day 2024 Open House self-guided tour! Here is a convenient list of ECE-related exhibits, where they are, and the age group for which each is most appropriate.

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Visit and collect 8 exhibit stickers for a chance to win an age-appropriate prize! Once you have all 8 stickers, return this form to the ECE table in the FPAT lobby no later than 2PM.
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Each exhibit is color coded for age:
Any age Middle school and up High school and up
and some exhibits have little age-appropriate gifts:

The ECE exhibits are spread across multiple buildings...
RGAN (Ralph G. Anderson) Engineering Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi, Q-FTC VEX & First Lego League robots, 108-1st floor commons
Innovation Center, 3D-printed people, room 202 High Performance Moisture Sensors, Prof. Chen, basement RH03
Engineering Courtyard Gato Del Sol VI, University of Kentucky Solar Car Team
FPAT (F. Paul Anderson Tower) Nanoscale 3D Printing, Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering, room 259 E
IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, room 259 C KORA Robotics, Kentucky Organization of Robotics and Automation, interact with a robot, room 453 F
Intelligent Machines and Brain, NISP Lab, Prof. Bae; Clip Lab, Prof. Sanchez Giraldo, room 455 Robot kicker, IEEE Student Branch, room 460
Snap Circuits, IEEE Student Branch, make simple circuits that do cool things, room 462 or 473 Faster computing with a little help from my friends, Aggregate.Org, Prof. Dietz, a maze and a puzzle, 5th floor hall
What is Quantum Computing?, Aggregate.Org, Prof. Dietz, see Q-bits in action, 5th floor hall MakerSpace, ECE Engineering Prototyping and Invention Center (EPIC lab), room 551
OHR (Oliver Raymond) 3D Virtual Sandbox, Lau/Souleyrette Lab, make mountains and volcanoes, basement hallway C003
Grehan (Enoch Grehan)
Electric Aircraft Emulation, Prof. He, room 002 Electric Power Components and Systems, Prof. He, Liao, and Cramer, room 002
You got the Power! Part One, SPARK Lab, Prof. Ionel, demos and driving robots, room 020 You got the Power! Part Two, SPARK Lab, Prof. Ionel, electric bike demo, room 120
Kentucky FIRST Robotics, see and drive robots, basement lobby Collaborative Robot & Human Motion Capture, Intelligent Robotic Arms (IRA) Lab, Prof. Xie, control a robot arm (as Seen on TV!), room 105
Power Bike, UK Energy Club, peddle to make power, 1st floor hallway Radio Table, Amateur Radio Club, 1st floor hallway