List Of PAPERS Vendors

The PAPERS hardware design and basic support software both have been placed in the public domain by the authors and the Purdue University School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. However, companies are free to build and market products based on or related to PAPERS. Thus, purely as a service to potential users of PAPERS, this WWW document will provide a list of vendors of PAPERS-related COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) hardware and software.

Vendors will be listed on this page in reverse chronological order of product release; i.e., the PAPERS-related hardware/software that became available most recently is listed first. Creation of a list entry is based on:

We have heard of three companies working on more advanced versions of PAPERS units, but none is yet complete. Thus far, one company has produced a product which is a direct clone of one of our public domain designs:

SBM4 (TTL_PAPERS hardware clone)

Product Description
The SBM4 is a clone of the November 1994 TTL_PAPERS hardware for four machines, but is less "homemade" (e.g., it has a custom aluminum case rather than a wooden box). An SBM4 prototype was tested at Purdue in December 1995, and was found to be fully compatible with the public domain TTL_PAPERS software. The four-processor unit is currently available at a cost of $350 plus shipping. (Note: this product appears to be discontinued.)
The company producing this unit is a small engineering/manufacturing firm whose primary product line centers on air flow sensors used in OEM electronic equipment cooling applications. Interest in PAPERS stems from the fact that Prof. Hank Dietz's father founded the company in 1947, is still the president, and likes to dabble in new things. The company intends low-volume production of units fully compatible with each public domain PAPERS design released by Purdue University. Their goal is to sell these units to researchers who do not want to build the hardware themselves, but are willing to accept the fact that the company cannot provide technical support services.
Contact Information
The Henry G. Dietz Co., Inc.
14-26 28th Avenue
Long Island City, NY  11102-3692

phone: (718) 726 3347
fax:   (718) 728 3976

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