[This is an in-line image map.]

The above clickable image map shows when each of the fully-developed PAPERS prototype designs was first made operational, as well as which designs most strongly influenced later designs. The color of the date indicates the current status of the design: red indicates that the design is now considered obsolete, yellow designs are not obsolete but are not recommended for new construction, and green designs are most appropriate for production now.

If you are using a browser without image map handling, the links to the various PAPERS versions are: PAPERS0 (Februray 1994), TTL_PAPERS (June 1, 1994), PAPERS1 (June-August 1994), TTL_PAPERS (July 1, 1994), 8 PE PAPERS (August 1994), 16 PE PAPERS (August-November 1994), TTL_PAPERS (November 1994), TTL_PAPERS 950801 (August 1995), TTL_PAPERS 951201 (November 1995), CAPERS (March 1996), TTL_PAPERS 960801 (August 1996), and PAPERS_JR 960801 (August 1996). There is also a brief description of why the PAPERS hardware is just as serious as it is "cute."

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